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J-4 Sports, LLC is the premier Sports Marketing, Consultation and Training Program for Elementary, Middle and High School Student-Athletes in which we sponsor sporting events, as well as serving as a consultant for parents/players for possible College Scholarship Opportunities; We help student-athletes understand the college recruiting process. In addition to Marketing and Consultation, we provide FREE training to clients of the J-4 Sports, LLC team.


According to many college coaches, TEAM play/concepts are the focal point of many practices therefore student-athletes don’t get a chance to really work on their individual skill sets.  As stated earlier, J-4 Sports, LLC provides FREE small group/individual training for student-athletes that want to improve their strengths and eradicate their weakness.   It is recommended that players receive 2-3 training sessions per week and/or they must workout independently/partners on off days not with J-4 Sports, LLC.


J-4 Sports, LLC encourages its clients to understand that consistency and repetition is the key to player development.   The frequency of the workouts will lead to an increased skill set and allow players to have a deeper understanding of why they are doing what they are doing.  They will also gain confidence and overall motivation while improving their game overall. 


Below are the following Marketing/Consulting Packages:


Platinum (Marketing/Consulting Fee Paid Monthly) - $215.00 – Includes 12 Free Training Workouts.


Gold (Marketing/Consulting Fee Paid Monthly) - $160.00 – Includes 8 Free Training Workouts  


Silver (Marketing/Consulting fee every two weeks) -$100/week - Includes 2 Free Training Workouts for the week (Free workouts will not carry over to the next week and must be used during that week).


Bronze (Small Group Marketing/Consulting Fee) - $30 – Includes 1 Free Training Workout.


Individual Marketing/Consulting - $35 – Includes 1 Free Training Workout.

Click here to view training videos.


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