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10 Things Every Player Should Know

Not every basketball player will have scholarship opportunities handed to them even though they are the best player on their high school team.

  1. Dunking doesn’t mean you are a great basketball player

  2. There are over 1,800 men’s and 1,800 women’s college basketball programs with opportunities for basketball scholarships at all division levels. 82% of colleges are outside of Division 1.

  3. Not all basketball scholarships are full rides. The only guaranteed full ride basketball scholarship is for DI basketball. At the DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA levels scholarship percentages can vary.

  4. No program can guarantee your scholarship for four years; all athletic scholarships are one year agreements.

  5. D3 College Basketball Schools don’t give athletic Scholarships. These schools have a high academic criteria and they will develop a financial aid package for potential players. These schools which are therefore merit-based and financial need scholarships so don’t count them out during the recruiting process.

  6. Division 2 College Basketball is comprised of many former JUCO players who were trying to play D1 and D1 transfers who received limited minutes playing at the D1 level.

  7. Basketball presents great opportunities for a scholarship if you can make it into or near the starting rotation. If gaining a basketball scholarship is the major factor in your decision for a potential college then you need to look at the division level where you can come in and contribute significant minutes right away. Going to the highest division level possible doesn’t guarantee a scholarship opportunity.

  8. Showing up At a Showcase or playing AAU isn’t enough to secure a scholarship.

  9. Understanding the college basketball recruiting process and making sure to take advantage of every opportunity to make yourself more marketable.

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